Lil’darlin’-live performance duo

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Datum / Tijd
do 18 februari
14:15 - 15:15


programma in het inloophuis

program in the community center

WAAR                           Messiaskerk Wassenaar

where                            Zijllaan 57; 2241 KC Wassenaar

WANNEER                 Donderdag 18 februari 2016

when                           Thursday February 18, 2016

HOE LAAT                  14.15 – 15.15 h

what time

WAT                           Ann D’Antonio  &  Dylan  Hoey –  live music

what                           Jazz, Blues and Soul


INFORMATIE              Kom  binnen en neem een introducé mee

information                       join us  and bring a friend


Ann D’Antonio was introduced to the piano at an early age by a grand dame, 80 years old going on 30, named Splendora Leone. Splendora was known more for her fluttery floral dresses and garden party hats than her virtuosity. Yet Splendora could sing, and did so during every one of Ann’s piano lessons in a contralto that had the sound of chiffon. By the time Ann completed the entirety of John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano, week after week under the great glittery chandelier in Splendora’s drawing room, she knew piano was for the birds. Ann spent the next five decades looking for her own voice and finally found it where it had been all along— within her.

Dylan Hoey has Moose to thank for launching him into the bewitching world of guitar. A 14-year-old with a chip on his shoulder, Moose took the full force of his 6’2”, 210-pound-frame and body-checked Dylan mid-ice during hockey practice one afternoon. Dylan came to find himself in a fix familiar to hockey players everywhere, flat out and on crutches for four months. “Why not take up guitar, dear?” his musical mother suggested, seeing some connection between a blood sport and the lyrical instrument. After one lesson with a teacher who could play anything on the radio just like falling off a log, the benched skater knew he had encountered his life’s work. All hail, Moose!